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The Gems From Equinox - Aleister Crowley

Alister Krouli Alister Krouli

The Gems From Equinox - Aleister Crowley


Occult Occult

ISBN: 9781578634170

Format: 16 x 22 cm

Broj strana: 1120

Povez: Hardcover

Izdavač: Samuel Weiser Samuel Weiser

Godina izdanja: 2007.

Šifra proizvoda: 878



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Aleister Crowley devoted several years to the lofty goal of sinthesizing the Aim of Religion with the Method of Science, and to publishing his findings in the massive ten volume Equinox (1909-1913). Crowley saw the Equinox as a Quintessence of the Ancient Wisdom.

Today, the complete Equinox is rarely available. But in this one-volume Gems from Equinox, many of its important magical writings from the original ten volume set are reproduced. The material for Gems was carefully selected, edited, and arranged by Israel Regardie, Crowleys one time secretary and biographer, in such a way taht student can, in Regardies words, "find his way through the maze more easily.





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