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Solitary Witch - Silver Ravenwolf

Silver RavenWolf Silver RavenWolf

Solitary Witch - Silver Ravenwolf


Occult Occult

ISBN: 9780738703190

Format: 17 x 24 cm

Broj strana: 600

Povez: Paperback

Izdavač: Llewellyn Publications Llewellyn Publications

Godina izdanja: 2003.

Šifra proizvoda: 857



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The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation. This book has everything a teen Witch could want and need between two covers: a magickal cookbook, encyclopedia, dictionary, and grimoire. It relates specifically to todays young adults and their concerns, yet is grounded in the magickal work of centuries past.

Information is arranged alphabetically and divided into five distinct categories:

(1) Shadows of Religion and Mystery,
(2) Shadows of Objects,
(3) Shadows of Expertise and Proficiency,
(4) Shadows of Magick and Enchantment and,
(5) Shadows of Daily Life. It is organized so readers can skip over the parts they already know, or read each section in alphabetical order.

Features By the author of the best-selling Teen Witch and mother of four teen Witches A jam-packed learning and resource guide for serious young Witches All categories are discussed in modern terms and their associated historical roots Includes endnotes and footnotes that cite sources or add clarification A training companion to Teen Witch and To Ride a Silver Broomstick.





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