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Great Secret

Eliphas Levi Eliphas Levi

Great Secret


Occult Occult

ISBN: 9780877289388

Format: 13 x 21 cm

Broj strana: 192

Povez: Paperback

Izdavač: Red Wheel Red Wheel

Godina izdanja: 2000.

Šifra proizvoda: 1361



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So concludes what Levi considered to be his testament, his most important and final treatise, and a summation of his esoteric philosophy.

This volume is the conclusion of the work he started as Book One, The Heiratic Mystery or the Traditional Documents of High Initiation, published as The Book of Splendours (Weiser, 1984). The Great Secret contains his final two works. In Book Two, The Royal Mystery or Art of Subduing the Powers, Levi discusses such topics as Evil, the Outer Darkness, the Great Secret, Magical Sacrifice, Evocations, the Arcana of Solomon's Ring, and the Terrible Secret.

In Book Three, The Sacerdotal Mystery or the Art of being Served by Spirits, he expounds on the subjects of Aberrant Forces, the Chaining of the Devil, Sacred and Accursed Rites, Divination, Dark Intelligence, and the Great Arcanum.





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