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The Lone Samurai - William Scot Wilson

Viljem Skot Vilson Viljem Skot Vilson

The Lone Samurai - William Scot Wilson


Eastern Teachings Eastern Teachings

ISBN: 9784770029423

Format: 14 x 20 cm

Broj strana: 288

Povez: Hardcover

Izdavač: Kodansha Kodansha

Godina izdanja: 2004.

Šifra proizvoda: 744



Cena sa PDV-om:

1980 din.  18.50 €  22.00 $



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Musashi is primarily known in the West as the author of The Book of Five Rings, a guide to swordsmanship strategies that became a essential business-strategy manual in the 1980. Wilson, having translated Musashis book into English, turns for the first time to biography, with as complete a life of the man behind the sword as possible, given his legendary stature and peripatetic, largely undocumented story.

Musashi lived in the 17th century and had his first match at 13 with a shugyosha (an older, professional swordsman); only Musashi walked away alive. For three decades, he wandered feudal Japan, moving from patron to patron, taking on opponents in formal and informal matches, teaching others his art and sometimes taking part in clan and regional rivalries. He eventually settled in southern Japan, where his martial art skills led organically to visual art: simple-looking, highly disciplined ink-and-brush painting and calligraphy. Toward the end of his life, Musashi synthesized everything hed learned into the literary work he is now best known for. Wilson integrates a considerable amount of Japanese history and culture into a short, dense book with lots of specialized information. Although Musashi doesnt become fully dimensional and given the scarcity of primary source material, he probably cant Wilson provides an extensive appendix of other materials that have depicted the legendary swordsman over the centuries.





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