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Coloring Mandalas 3 - Susanne P. Fincher

Susanne P. Fincher Susanne P. Fincher

Coloring Mandalas 3 - Susanne P. Fincher


Eastern Teachings Eastern Teachings

ISBN: 9781590303023

Format: 25 x 27 cm

Broj strana: 128

Povez: Paperback, color illustrated

Izdavač: Shambhala Shambhala

Godina izdanja: 2006.

Šifra proizvoda: 726



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Coloring the circular designs known as mandalas is a relaxing, meditative activity enjoyed by adults and children alike. The mandalas in this book are specially designed to provide a creative encounter with the Divine as a feminine presence. The archetypal imagery of the circle – appearing in the form of organic shapes of nature, the curves of the female body, the womb and childbirth rituals, the circular turning of cosmic rhythms, or geometric designs conveying the primal energy of the Goddess – celebrates the full range of the sacred feminine, from gentle and motherly to fierce and challenging.

An introductory essay traces the stream of the sacred feminine from prehistoric sources through modern spiritual traditions and the work of contemporary scholars of psychology and religion. Mandalas for coloring include designs based on ancient European artifacts, traditional Hindu yantras, and contemporary art. Full-color illustrations provide inspiration, and instructions for drawing your own geometric mandalas add to the creative possibilities. Coloring Mandalas 3 will appeal particularly to individuals and groups who wish to explore spirituality as a pathway to deeper meaning and personal growth.





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