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China Home - Michael Freeman

Michael Freeman Michael Freeman

China Home - Michael Freeman


Eastern Teachings Eastern Teachings

ISBN: 9780804845908

Format: 23 x 24 cm

Broj strana: 144

Povez: Hardcover

Izdavač: Tuttle Publishing Tuttle Publishing

Godina izdanja: 2015.

Šifra proizvoda: 725



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With rich, detailed photographs and insightful commentary, this Chinese interior design book will provide you with plenty of fresh and colorful decorating ideas.

China, long dormant in the world of design and residential architecture, has recently burst onto the world stage. Like everything else in China today, contemporary Chinese design combines elegant and deep-seated traditions with the exploratory ideas of a younger generation of designers.

From revitalized hutongs in Beijing and lane houses in Shanghai to shiny new villas in Pudong and sleek urban apartments in Hong Kong, the best modern Chinese interior design blends the legacy of the past with a fresh appetite for the new. China Home explores this burgeoning phenomenon with images taken in more than 100 gorgeous homes, and will become an indispensable source book for everyone looking for ideas to create and re-work their living space.

Design topics include:

• Designing the Contemporary Chinese Home
• Entrances and Living Spaces
• Dining Rooms, Kitchens and Studies
• Bedrooms and Bathrooms
• Furnishings and Accents
• Courtyards, Gardens and Terraces





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