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THINK SMART, ACT SMART - Jim Nightingale

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Autor: Jim Nightingale
Izdavač: John Wiley & Sons
Godina izdanja: 2007.
Format: 16 x 23 cm
Oprema: Tvrdi
Broj strana: 160
ISBN broj: 978-0470171295
Puna cena: 1100,00
Cena bez popusta: 1100,00 din.
Cena bez PDV-a: 1000,00 din.
Prodajna cena: 1100,00 din.
Iznos PDV-a: 100,00 din.
Prodajna cena: 1100,00 din.
Šifra: 185
Povratak na: Psychology

Avoiding the Business Mistakes That Even Intelligent People Make

'Increased productivity and optimizing efficiencies...start with this book. Think Smart--Act Smart is a must-read for anyone concerned with the optimal operation of any organization...and all management personnel.'

--Travis AlexanderCEO, Alexander Worldwide Protection Services

"This book should be mandatory reading for any of us in the leadership business. It exposes the fallacies of decision making that have become so endemic in organizations today. Jim's style of writing seamlessly translates sound theory into practical application--making it perfect for both the student and managerial practitioner. A welcomed addition to the decision-making literature."

--Philip T. Anderson, PhDDirector, Organization Effectiveness, JohnsonDiversey, Inc.

"Think Smart--Act Smart is a book that walks you through the 'how to' of thinking outside the box in your everyday approach to problem solving and how to avoid the old patterns buried in society's IQ-driven approach to problem solving. A very refreshing and mind-opening journey that shares a wonderful look into a number of startling truths about the way we think."

--C. Brandy DouglasPresident, The Douglas Group, Inc.

"Jim Nightingale provides a new and unique perspective on organizations today. The thesis of his basic to working and managing in today's knowledge economy. Anyone who is responsible for making complex organizational decisions should benefit from this book."

--Peter SorensenDirector, Organization Development PhD Program, Benedictine University, Illinois

"We have all seen really smart, successful people do really dumb things. We have all asked the question, 'what was he/she thinking?' Jim Nightingale has taken an interesting, cerebral look at why this might be. His views are thought-provoking for those interested in getting the most out of their organization."

--Spencer Clark IIIFormer Chief Learning Officer, Cadence Design Systems

Why do smart people sometimes do such stupid things?

In 1720 Isaac Newton lost a fortune in a stock market crash that he had personally predicted. How could this happen? Since the discoverer of gravity and the inventor of calculus can hardly be accused of stupidity, we must seek other reasons for this, and other, high-profile judgment errors by very smart people.

Whether you are a CEO, a business manager, or simply a student of human behavior, Think Smart--Act Smart reveals why smart people make costly mistakes and provides you with a realistic plan to think smart in your life and on the job.

Jim Nightingale

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