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Tarot Gallery Book

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Izdavač: Lo Scarabeo
Godina izdanja: 2011.
Format: 35 x 35 cm
Oprema: Hardcover
Broj strana: 256
ISBN broj: 978-8865270042
Puna cena: 6600
Cena bez popusta: 7260,00 din.
Cena bez PDV-a: 5940,00 din.
Prodajna cena: 6534,00 din.
Popust: 660,00 din.
Iznos PDV-a: 594,00 din.
Prodajna cena: 6534,00 din.
7260,00 din.
(Popust: -10.00%)
Šifra: 999
Povratak na: Occult
This volume embraces the entire world of Tarot--not with words, but rather with images alone.

"The Tarot is a universe in continual expansion. Those who love Tarot cards and wish to understand them better embark on a fascinating voyage into a world full of mystery and evolution reflecting more than five centuries of history, magic, art, and spirituality. This volume embraces the entire world of Tarot--not with words, but rather with images alone." - From the Lo Scarabeo Tarot Gallery Book

As a child, I remember anticipating the Sears "Wish Book" catalogue. Every Christmas season, thousands of kids would drool over its pages, marking toys, electronics, and clothes in the hopes that St. Nick might bring them one or more from their selections.

In similar fashion, Italian publisher Lo Scarabeo now offers a glorious 206-page gallery of Tarot images from dozens of their decks. Eleven cards from each deck are reproduced in actual size (front and back), and for the shimmering golden decks that Lo Scarabeo are famed for, one actual card is glued to the page. Yum!

Divided into five "families"--historical, metaphysical, esoteric, cultural and artistic--this tabbed full-color hardcover catalogue displays the following cards for each deck: 2 of Cups, 7 of Pentacles, Knight of Wands, Queen of Swords, The Magician, The Emperor, Strength, Justice, Temperance, The Stars and The World. These choices provide a nice overview of cards for getting a feel for each deck.

While the Lo Scarabeo Tarot Gallery serves as a drool-worthy "wish book" for Tarot enthusiasts, it's also a must-have catalogue for all bookstores carrying Tarot decks, because customers who are unfamiliar with Lo Scarbeo get a great overview of the decks offered by the Italian publisher. (And since many bookstores do not have opened Tarot decks to examine, a gallery like this one can save consumers a lot of time and money, in my opinion).

This gallery provides information in six languages (English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, and Russian), as well as helpful icons noting if a particular deck is available in mini format, or is more suitable for adult consumers.

Here is a list of all the decks catalogued in the Lo Scarabeo Tarot Gallery Book:


* Ancient Italian Tarot
* Tarots of Marseilles
* Visconti Tarots
* The Classic Tarot
* Mantegna Tarot
* Tarot of the Master
* Golden Tarot of Renaissance
* Universal Tarot of Marseille


* Universal Tarot
* Egyptian Tarot
* Nefertari's Tarots
* The Book of Thoth
* Tarot of the New Vision
* Liber T: Tarot of the Stars Eternal
* Cleopatra Tarot
* Tarot Lenormand
* Lo Scarabeo Tarot
* The Pictorial Key Tarot
* Universal Wirth Tarot
* Contemplative Tarot
* Initiatory Tarots of the Golden Dawn


* Crystal Tarot
* Tarot Art Nouveau
* Fairy Tarot
* The Erotic Tarot
* Bosch Tarot
* Tarots of Casanova
* Tarot of the Imagination
* Giotto Tarot
* Golden Tarot of the Tsar
* Decamerone Tarot
* The Tarot of Durer
* Leonardo Da Vinci Tarot
* Tarot of Mermaids
* Bruegel Tarot
* Harmonious Tarot
* Golden Tarot of Klimt
* China Tarot
* Medieval Tarot
* The Sorcerers Tarot
* Golden Botticelli Tarot
* Corto Maltese Tarot
* Tarot of the Magical Forest


* Tarot of the Gnomes
* Tarot of the Renaissance
* Celtic Tarot
* Avalon Tarot
* Dante Tarot
* Olympus Tarot
* Etruscan Tarot
* Tarot of the Journey to the Orient
* Ramses, Tarot of Eternity
* Vikings Tarot
* Gothic Tarot of Vampires
* Tarot of Druids
* Tarot of Atlantis
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