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Autor: S.Ingerman & H.Wesselman
Izdavač: Sounds True
Godina izdanja: 2010.
Format: 17 x 24 cm
Oprema: Paperback, flaps
Broj strana: 360
ISBN broj: 978-1591797500
Puna cena: 2000
Cena bez popusta: 1980,00 din.
Cena bez PDV-a: 1620,00 din.
Prodajna cena: 1782,00 din.
Popust: 180,00 din.
Iznos PDV-a: 162,00 din.
Prodajna cena: 1782,00 din.
1980,00 din.
(Popust: -10.00%)
Šifra: 315
Povratak na: Occult

Today, practicing shamanism doesn't mean you have to live in a rain forest or a desert. Thanks to a modern renaissance of shamanic spirituality, practitioners from all walks of life now use powerful indigenous techniques for healing, insight, and spiritual growth. With Awakening to the Spirit World, teachers Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman bring together a circle of renowned Western shamanic elders to present a comprehensive manual for making these practices accessible and available in our daily lives, including: How the original practice of shamanism shaped the world's spiritual traditions and why it is still relevant today. The art of the shamanic journey--a time-tested meditative method for experiencing important piritual lessons and truths. Guidance for avoiding common pitfalls of shamanic practice. Instruction for working with your dreams, connecting to your spirit guides, healing yourself and your environment. A CD of drumming to facilitate your hamanic journeys.

This book's two authors are popular lecturers, writers, and practitioners of contemporary shamanism. Sandra Ingerman's previous books include Soul Retrieval, Welcome Home, A Fall to Grace, and Shamanic Journeying. Those by Hank Wesselman include The Journey to the Sacred Garden and the trilogy Spiritwalker, Medicinemaker, and Visionseeker. Both authors see shamanism not as a religion but as a method free of any religious overlay or dogma, as "the path of immediate and direct personal contact with Spirit, deeply meditative, and not subject to definition, censorship, or judgment by others." They stress that the shamanic approach to life is natural and basic to everyone and that human beings everywhere share the same basic traits, abilities, and skills with shamans, who are "visionaries who simply develop these skills to a masterful degree through their initiations and subsequent training."

The book begins by explaining shamanism, the shamanic journey, and the importance of reconnecting with nature. It then covers all aspects of shamanism, including visionary work with weather and environmental changes, the power of ritual and ceremony, dreams, creative art, sound and light, death and dying (both actual and metaphorical), and working with transformational communities. In addition to material from Ingerman and Wasselman, each chapter includes extended commentary by Tom Cowan, Carol Proudfoot-Edgar, Jose Luis Stevens, and Alberto Villoldo.

One objective of the shamanic approach stressed by these authors is for the individual to become liberated and self-realized, able to gain mastery over life. Three necessary tools are gratitude, or the ability to see through the false ego to the heart; seeing, or cutting through falsity to the true nature of Spirit; and blessing, or recognizing the Spirit flowing through one. Shamans are viewed as hollow bones or empty reeds, people who learn "to move ... ego out of the way so that the power of the universe may work through and within them." Each chapter contains step-by-step exercises, many to be undertaken while using the drumming CD included with the book.

One of the optimistic understandings of the shaman is that "since everyone is collectively dreaming, each person can, with awareness and an act of will, change the dream." To this end the authors say that there are spiritual forces surrounding us in many forms, and they hear our call for help. The two authors and the other contributors share the view that "a new dream is possible but requires enough dreamers to wake up from their collective nightmare and choose to transform the dream." The book is highly recommended, especially to newcomers, for its breadth of coverage of modern shamanism and the clarity of its practical usefulness.-

S.Ingerman & H.Wesselman

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